The most beneficial and most enjoyable part of the aggieTEACH Program has been the teacher observation. I was able to help some of the students and look at the classroom in a different respect. Instead of seeing it as a student, I was able to see it as a teacher and feel some of the satisfaction a teacher can feel.

- Matthew Berry, '06


CMSE supports a research agenda driven by engagement and collaboration of a wide range of stakeholders in mathematics and science education.

CMSE Projects:

Projects initiated by CMSE ideally support scientific research in education, in which university scientists, science educators, public school teachers, graduate students and undergraduates come together to answer three basic (and interrelated types) of questions:

  1. What is happening? (Achieving description)
  2. Is there a systematic effect? (Determining causality)
  3. Why or how is it happening? (Understanding processes and mechanisms through modeling)

Center For The Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning

Also known as "CIRTL", CMSE is a part of a seven institution network funded by the NSF to increase faculty awareness of roles they play in K-12 teacher preparation and enhance their participation. Learn More.

Policy Research Initiatives In Science Education

Through this NSF funded program, also known as "PRISE", CMSE is creating a model of continuous professional development that improves the quality of science teaching as it reduces the current shortage of qualified high school science teachers. Learn More.

Assessment of AP Participation and Academic Success at Texas A&M University

The purpose of this study is to assess Advanced Placement participation and academic success of students at Texas A&M University in terms of selected characteristics and performance scores and the relationships and differences of these attributes to academic success. Learn More.


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