The most beneficial and most enjoyable part of the aggieTEACH Program has been the teacher observation. I was able to help some of the students and look at the classroom in a different respect. Instead of seeing it as a student, I was able to see it as a teacher and feel some of the satisfaction a teacher can feel.

- Matthew Berry, '06

G Camp

G-Camp is a 17-day field camp for 4th - 12th grade science teachers that gives you first-hand experience with the principles of geology in the field, helps you develop new curriculum and virtual fieldtrips for your classroom, and makes learning fun and exciting out of doors. This field experience puts you on the outcrop, on the slope of a volcano, on the footwall of a fault, in a spectacular glacial valley, at the toe of a landslide, and in a pristine flowing stream - to mention just a few of the opportunities of G-Camp.

Where in the World are We Going?

We're waltzing across Texas to New Mexico and Colorado! And all the way home!

Who in the World is Going With Us?

We encourage teachers across Texas to apply for G-Camp. With our focus on economically disadvantaged school districts we will give preference to those applicants from lower income schools in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio to apply for G-Camp, but we select from all over Texas.

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